Lakeland's Favorite Comedy Group
- Swan City Improv

Long ago in 2017 a group of friends came together to start an improv community in Lakeland. Their goal was to find and train funny people, to invite audiences to live in the moment and to spread the core message of improv: just say YES. In working toward this goal, we have felt our individual inhibitions soften as our confidence rises. We have seen performers young and old find their unique voice. And we have felt the joy of laughing together with our community every time someone has the courage to say their strangest ideas out loud.

We are proud to have our shows included in Downtown Lakeland's First Friday and Buena Market festivities. We partner with the city to teach Improv for Anxiety classes for anyone who wants to grow through improv exercises and games, but definitely doesn't want to perform thankyouverymuch. We host pop-up shows at venues throughout Lakeland and we're always happy to teach corporate trainings to growing businesses.

We teach classes to improvisers of all ages and all levels. Our experienced teachers break down the basic rules of each improv game and equip students with the knowledge and confidence to succeed - on stage AND in life. The best way for community members to join us on stage is to enroll in classes. We love new blood. But we're not vampires. I super promise.

Moms, bring your kids to a show or a class! Shy people, step outside that comfort zone into the wacky and oh-so-supportive world of improv!
All our content is intended to make you laugh, think, cry or enjoy. But never all of the above at once.
That will make you fart.

They say a laugh a day
keeps the doctor away!

is our thing

We are the best comedic improv team in all of Florida and we have no way of verifying that other than convincing you to come see a show.

Get your tickets now and let us know for yourself.

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