our story

It was a cold winter's night in February of 2017 when one of the members made a phone call from his home in Chicago to a gentleman in sunny warm Lakeland Florida. There began a conversation that would alter the course of history. The agreement was made and the Swan City Members were assembled for an April Fool's show before they were even called Swan City Improv. The members came from all across the nation, Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, Tampa and of course Lakeland. That first show looked dire, because presales the night before were looking very grim. Not until Friday March 31st did we begin to pick up steam, then the day of the show came on Saturday April 1st 2017 and we had a sold out show with standing room only. The show was such a success that we were asked back to play again.

We met and realized we needed a name and a set time in order for us to grow so a member suggested we be called Swan City Improv then we landed on First Fridays and not soon after we became a staple in Lakeland Florida. Now we are on the hunt for a new home to call our own and are excited for what is to come this next year.